Every Little Thing…- Yongguk Scenario


This is for chasingthosebigcitylights about when you’re in your midterms and he cheers you up or is there for you! I hope you guys enjoy! I had to get this one up first~



Take a deep breath. It’s going to be okay. You’re not going to die. All you have to do is-

ARGHHH!!” You bursted out in exasperation. For what reason?

Midterms. That’s what.

You were sprawled out on your unmade bed, books splayed open over folded papers. Crumpled scratch paper dotted your mattress, and numerous pencils, sharpened and unsharpened, were scattered on your mattress. Your giant binder took up most of the space, as well as your laptop that sat right in the middle, creating a throne on the mess of trash that surrounded you.

Worst part was, your need for perfection sent you on a cleaning spree every hour, and that too was annoying in itself.

This happened every year. Midterms were one of the worst inventions of mankind. Instead of writing an essay for your language class, you almost chose to write an argumentative thesis essay about why midterms should be banned. And it wasn’t that finals were any better; if anything finals should be worse. But to you, midterms were a reminder that such tests existed, a kind of checkup screaming at you that larger exams were arriving. It irked you and in your flustered manner you were always striving for perfection. Always pushing your limits so to feel proud, so to feel satisfied with yourself.

Mind you that was a futile attempt considering you were never satisfied with yourself.

Taking in a deep breath like you always did when you reached a breaking point (It shouldn’t even be called that since you reached it many times already), you grabbed your cell in hopes that Yongguk would be free for at least one second to text you back.

Yongguk…there isn’t much complaining you can do about not being able to see him very often. For even though sometimes you would nag, sometimes you would annoy, sometimes you would get him angry for no reason…he still did more for you than you could ever ask for. You didn’t want to be clingy, though inside, your heart yearned to be able to just hold his hand for a really long time. To hear his laughter which in turn calmed you down, and induced your own. You just wanted Yongguk near you…it didn’t matter if he talked to you or not. Though you’re sure that can’t happen, his bright smile through all the exhaustion and fatigue that plastered his face, brought you back to reality, brought you back to forgetting why you may have been annoyed, and brought you back to realizing you loved him.

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